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The last month we had many online meetups with female expats around the globe and events with collaboration partner as

 MafiaNeinDanke! (german/italian organisation against organized crime and mafia) and with (language school)

Our network has grown over the last months radily.


In June we'll slow down a little bit with online events, while at the offline world many exciting things happen and will be annonced soon.

Further trainings, new projects, new collaboration partner and team member.

Sneak preview: We'll expand our service and collaboartions to "Property in Europe", because of the raising demand of our clients.

Stay tuned!


We say hello to every new member of our community as well our network and who join our events!

It's a pleasure to hear all your stories and questions. There is so much beauty, when women support other women and share openly  their experiences, opinions and perspectives.


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Female Expats United
Company, Network and Community

'Female Expats United' is an international company, network and community.

The place and guide for the needs of female expats (in future).

Support and empowerment for women, who life and work abroad.


Being a female expat is not only a bureaucratic challenge, It's also a strong emotional rolllercoaster on many levels that has a huge impact on life, (mental) health as wells as on relationships.


'Female Expats United' brings female expats, professionals and experts together. 

With wisdom, experience, knowlegde as well as specific skills we find healthy and successful solutions to improve the quality of female expats life.

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