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Female Expats United has joined the project "W.I.S.E.4ALL" and is now part ofa working group on the engagement of CSOs in the EU Parliament initiatives, integrating the female voice in a multidisciplinary fashion in European social policies. Read more about it on our Instagram or Facebook account.

We will be a part of "The Conference on the Future of Europe".


In the end of July we'll start to offer workshops and real life meetups.


As some of you maybe already realized: Our team is growing. 

Step by Step we create a strong inner circle that work for "Female Expats United". 

Beside our regular team, our community as well our network is growing and is getting stronger.


More and more we will offer different kind of events that make you live as female expats easier and more joyful, as in private life as well in professional life.

We are also delighted to start with offline events in Berlin. Rome will follow.

Stay tuned!


We say hello to every new member of our community as well our network and who join our events!

It's a pleasure to hear all your stories and questions. There is so much beauty, when women support other women and share openly  their experiences, opinions and perspectives.


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