Company, Community & Network

'Female Expats United' is an international company, network and community.

The place and guide for the needs of ambitious female expats (in future).

Support and empowerment for a successful and healthy life abroad.


Being a female expat is not only a bureaucratic challenge, It's also a strong emotional rolllercoaster on many levels that has a huge impact on life, (mental) health as wells as on relationships.


'Female Expats United' brings female expats, professionals and experts together. 

With wisdom, experience, knowlegde as well as specific skills we find healthy and successful solutions to improve the quality of female expats life.

...and values



better and successful intergration abroad

education about female expats

connecting people 

safe and trustful places for women (for personal growth) 

online & offline places

equality and co-creation with all gender

support of intercultural communication

education of nonviolent communication

equal pay and financial indepence for women

support of female expat business abroad

support of mental health for female expats

better working conditions for female expats

visibility for female expats life stories

better international understanding

joyful & playful education



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