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Communication - Networking - Playful Learning Methods

I’ve observed already years ago, that especially women have many confusions, when it comes to networking, professional networking. Women are very good to solidarise with other people, but professional networking don’t work out in many ways for them. 

Statics prove that professional women networks are by far not that successful as male networks, for many reasons. 

When women learn healthy and successful networking, we are much more closer to equality and better mental health.

One day I found myself with 200 women at a networking event including few workshops. One workshop was about “networking”. 
Literally every woman signed in for this workshop, because everyone struggled with networking (at a networking event).
To be a witness of this happening was a real game changer to me and I started a lot of research about networking, because I realized this pattern already many years ago, in different kind of industries and scenes. 

So why is networking so easy to me and why so many people struggle with (professional) networking, especially women. 

Networking was something very natural to me (without being aware of it), although i struggled with shyness and introversion especially at the beginning. 
My playful curiosity and my love to explore human nature have been always bigger than my blocks
Of course, I stumbled, I felt, I learned, I moved on and became better. 

Over years I realized how much people have benefit from my networking skills. My personal challenge was to learn to benefit from my own talent as well to set boundaries. Too many people misuse networks (let’s hope unconsciously). 

Networking is for female expats essential to create an easier and healthy lifestyle abroad, but too many ladies stuck in making contacts.

 Networking is about building and cultivating relationships and to benefit from each other. 

It’s not about "Who do you know?", it’s about "Who knows you?"

My knowledge about networking and communication includes a big repertoire of 20 years being a proactive part of the film/theater & music industry as well as the event industry and also strong influence of my profession at the german government and at the marketing/branding industry. 

Intercultural and nonviolent communication is another important part of successful networking.

I have worked in men dominated fields as well in women dominated fields. The different communication styles of gender are remarkable. My experiences as backpacker and female expats abroad complement my diverse skills in communication.

I am a huge proponent of playful learning methods
Especially through my time as trained and skilled actress (theater/film), assistant for international acting coaches and dance instructor for women, i have learned and developed different kind of teaching methods, so people will enjoy the process of learning, stay motivated and get individual tools to reach their goals. 

We learn new skills through strong emotions and repetition. 

So it's important to me to teach playful and joyful methods, because a relaxed mind learns much more effective.

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