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There you go. A german mother tongue, quite good in english, a passionate frackments of french, an optimistic danish learner and a embarrassed, bad italian speaker.

I really love languages and  have fascination for the history of languages.

Some learned quite fast new languages and some give up all hope after years.

I never had a very well educational background for speaking english, so i felt in my twenties very embarressed to speak english and tried to avoid to speak, even if i wanted to speak this language so bad. 

I had a strong need to communicate in english, so i took again and again classes at community collage.

And then just one little speech of my english teacher changes everything to me.

"Never stopp communicating" she said. "Don't worry about grammar or vocabulary. Even if it does not sounds nice, people will understand you... Remember how you feel when someone tries to speak in your mother tongue. usually are a patient and supportive listener: And how is not? It just an idot...:"

This little speech helped me to relax much more when it comes to learn a new language.

And yes, usually people feel impressed and grateful that you try to speak their language.

So give yourself time.

I remember my time in Denmark. I wanted to learn danish so bad. I used every chance. 

I am really into music, so i started to listen to danish music i liked and was interested what the song is about. The same way i learned english when i was a teen.

Well, later i found myself in front of a TV and were watching children TV. I repeated to danish words that a little cartoon monkey said. I learned to prounce the letters.

But hey. Yes, i felt embarrassed when my boyfriend came home, while i made weird sounds. I felt so unsexy then. 

I was so passionate about to learn danish i also learned while watching TV series with my boyfriend. 

The series have been in english, the subtitles in danish, sometimes my brain was still thinking german. So i was translating constantly. 


Lots of Love & Optimism

Anja Kadt, Founder of 'Female Expats United'


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