Online Meetups

During a month Female Expats United organize many events with different topics.

Global online events as Breakfast Club, Coffee & Cake, Wine O'Clock or other events with specific topics that are relevant for all female expats around the globe.

There are also meetups for specific countries. Female expats connect and talk about topics that belong to the specific expat country (as Spain, Germany, Italy etc.). Sometimes those meetups have also universal issues that will be discussed at the global meetups.

While the online meetups you meet expat newbies and female expats in future. There are also many ladies, who have already a huge experience as expat, lived and worked in several countries. 

It's a great mixture of everything and everyone.

Learn about mentalities as well as how to handle culture conflicts better.

Female expats feel a big relief and pleasure, when they can share their experience and challenges. It feels so good to hear you are not alone with your experiences. There are always female expats who can relate to your specific situation and will support you with your expat life.

Connect with female expats around the globe, at your chosen country or city.

Find new friends and deep, strong, stable connections.

Those meetups give you much more confidence, optimism and as well lightness.

Come as you are.

You will be seen and you are welcome.


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Offline / Real Life Meetups

So far we offer real life meetups with female expats in Berlin/Germany only. 

Meetups in other countries will follow soon.

Those meetups are structured as our online meetups.

The number of participant is limited to 10-12 ladies.

Business Club

Female leaders, ladies with own business and ladies, who are about to start a business will come together.

Leading ladies from around the globe, with different kind of professional background, share their experiences, wisdom, challenges and support each other with kindness.

The challenge to manage everything at the same time: New job, own business, new country, new culture, learning one or more languages, bureaucracy odyssee, family life, making friends and not to forget - selfcare-.

Experienced business ladies support ladies with start-ups to find connection to potential sponsors or investors and give helpful tipps to avoid mistakes.

Learn from the challenges of other leading ladies, get inspiration to stay optimistic and move on. 

New perspectives, new solutions, new connections help you to expand your network in private life as wells as in your professional life.

Listen, Learn. Laugh. Let your business bloom with Female Expats United.

Broken english is welcome. :-)


Note: The Business Club is no place to sale your products. It's a place for professional networking.


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Expert Events

Meet & talk with international experts on specific issues: 

teacher of language schools; therapists and experts for binational couples and interculture communications; laywers; financial experts, organisation against organized crime; experts for femininity; experts for time management; experts for start-ups as well as negotiating for business women and female employee; etc...

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For Females Only

All Female Expats United online meetups are for female participants only.

Only qualified men with expertise for female expats issuses or who wants to collaborate with Female Expats United as business partner will be invited

During the online meeting everyone have to unblock their screen, everyone must be seen, otherwise the person must be removed from the meeting.

The online meetups are a safe, cosmopolitan and trustful place for any kind of topics that are related to "life of a female expat" (but it's no replacement for therapy).


Check our events.

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