"People are the same whichever country you live in. We are mostly friendly and what looks ‘odd’ or ‘off’ about people might say more about you than it does about them. Let go of your roots and you will find beauty in the new ones soon”.

Valeria Romano, Interior Designer

From Italy, living in United Kingdom.

Webpage: Homepoise


Meet other female expats, connect, make friends and exchange your experiences.

Educate and train your mind, body and soul.

Here you find meetups, seminars, workshops, classes and panels which help you to have a successul life in a foreign country.

Recurrent topic are making friends and meaningful connection abroad; networking abroad; preparing for a life in a foreign country; mother, expat & entrepreneur, working conditions abroad; solving conflicts with the new employer/working place; adjusting and understanding the new culture; dealing with loneliness and identity crisis, women plus 40 etc. 




If you don't want to use Eventbrite as Ticket Service you can also order directly at info@femaleexpatsunited.com

All events are for female participants only.

Broken english is welcome :)

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