You want to be self employed and look for a business idea? Here it is.


You need:

Start as single person or as team. Each person has to participate a workshop for 'Local Events Ambassador' to prove to quality of our events.

A network and community as Female Expats United does not run itself. Our events are not simple to organise. Our website doesn’t function without a dedicated team. There is investment in promotion. So we ask you kind for a commitment of 5 EUR/Month and a mind. membership of 3 months.

After every events there has to be a feedback culture so we can develop our events to the best.

We offer:

Total transparency, for trustful collaboration.

You always work autonomous, but you never alone.

Access to Online Group of Female Expats United for guidance and support as Event Manager.

Official listing on our page, plus official email-adress.

Workshop for being a host and organizer of local events in the frame of Female Expats United.

Blueprints for being a host and organizer of local events in the frame of Female Expats United.

Shared social media accounts and common performance, for wider reach.

We support you with your social media performance and make your business visible. (Interviews, Online Events, Posts etc.)

Specific workshops, trainings, coachings about new models in (intercultural) communication, conflict management, finance, online business, team building, client service etc,

Discounts on service offers of our network partner.

Local Team Founding Fee: 1250 EUR (onetime; includes one-on-one consulations and coachings for 1 year)
Annual Network Fee: 250 EUR per team member

If you already work(ed) in the field of relocation, feel free to ask for special conditions.

For more information and application, feel free to get in touch with us.


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