Feel free to ask for service that is not listed.


Flexible and tailored to your needs.
We support and guide you, that reduces anxiety, stress and shorten the adaptation period. More energy and time for family, making new friends and learning the local language. 

E.g. understanding local customs, new bank account in a foreign country and making sure you can pay your bills from it (and your employer can pay you), insurances, language courses/teacher, fnding a kindergarten/school (before your children go to university, finnding english speaking doctors who understand your word and needs, and also those other daily issues.


Make the best choice about the place you will live. Our local team know the place and the environment to the best. We support you to get an realistic idea about life and lifestyle at your destination.

Our local team introduce into the lifestyle at the place.

Support for students in questions about University life abroad.


We minimize the pain! :-)

We guide you through the jungle of settling into your new home.

Such as official registration of yourself (and your familiy)
Residence permits, work permit (for non-EU citizens), driver's license, tax papers, car registration, insurances, kindergarden, schools etc.

You will benefit of no risk of additional costs due to missing application documents.


A new home and new environment. We make sure you feel save and home.

We will listening to your needs and requirements, advising you on the general housing situation and suggesting suitable locations to suit your needs.

Whether in the city or in the countryside, we then search for your new home, using our network, arranging viewing appointments and accompanying you to view them. 

We advise and assist you with the negotiation of the rental contract explain the rental agreement, We accompany you for hand-over of your new home,
We support you in organising water, gas and electricity; internet, telephone etc.


We support with searching and applications for jobs as well understanding working condtions and contracts. 

Conflict management and mediation with foreign employer and workmates.


We support you in monitoring and check on your contracts as well your bills.

If you can not make it on time to be at your new home and recieve your furnitures on belongs, we will be there.

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