"I would recommend you first to learn the german language. Berlin is an international city and for sure almost everybody speaks english but you will only understand the real soul of this city with the german language. The second advantage: you possibly sound sexy with your accent for the german guys (Who are not bad generally)...so trust my experience as a french girl and sprich deutsch!"

Marie Giroux, Opera singer/singer 

From France and living in Berlin/Germany

Check Marie's  music project: Pariser Flair / Photo: Laurence Chaperon

Marie Giroux


Female Expats United bring people together for a better and easier life as female expat.

We create online and offline events as meetups, parties, workshops, seminars, talks and interviews.

Convivial gatherings or exclusive events with professionals and experts for the specific needs of  female expats.


Female expats learn and benefit from each others experience, wisdom and challenges to move on optimistically and with much more energy. 

The private as well as the professional network and personal mindset will be expand.


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Corporate / Business Consulting

Female Expats United is a place, where female expats speak openly about their experiences at business life, especially about the relationship to the employers, the companies.

Female Expats United is known and appreciated as a trustful, open-minded and safe place.


Unfortunately, too many companies have still no idea what it means to be a female expat abroad. The strong mental impact for female expat is highly unterrated as well the unavoidable consequences for the company.

Especially female expats in men-dominated fields struggle a lot with mental health. e.g. at technology sector or neuroscience. 

We also support companies to attract more female expats/employee for more diversity and corporate profits

Female Expats United support and raise awareness for healthy work enviornmoments for female expats.


We offer consulting in english and in german.




Collaboration Partner

We are open to collaborate with several organisations and companies, as long it vibes with our values as well our standards for quality and healthy relationships. 

Introduce yourself, introduce your idea of collaboration and how we ALL can benefit from each other.


24/7 - Online Education Platform

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