"I would recommend you first to learn the german language. Berlin is an international city and for sure almost everybody speaks english but you will only understand the real soul of this city with the german language. The second advantage: you possibly sound sexy with your accent for the german guys (Who are not bad generally)...so trust my experience as a french girl and sprich deutsch!"

Marie Giroux, Opera singer/singer 

From France and living in Berlin/Germany

Check Marie's  music project: Pariser Flair / Photo: Laurence Chaperon



We create create events for you.

With online as well offline meetups, webniars, coachings, workshops and classes our specialist support and guide female expats into an easier, healthy and happy life abroad. 

Relocation Service and Integration Service.

Personal and individual service is our primarily goal.

Each place has special challenges and our qualified teams are your guidance.

All teams are well chosen, proved on quality service and recieve constant training in several fields that are relevant for female expats.

... more information coming soon... 

If you want to collaborate or partnering with FEMALE EXPATS UNITED 

Introduce yourself, introduce your idea of collaboration and how we ALL can benefit from each other.

Contact Partner: Anja Kadt


We collaborate with several international companies, especially in Europe, who are looking for female expats

Stay Tuned...

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