"I would recommend you first to learn the german language. Berlin is an international city and for sure almost everybody speaks english but you will only understand the real soul of this city with the german language. The second advantage: you possibly sound sexy with your accent for the german guys (Who are not bad generally)...so trust my experience as a french girl and sprich deutsch!"

Marie Giroux, Opera singer/singer 

From France and living in Berlin/Germany

Check Marie's  music project: Pariser Flair / Photo: Laurence Chaperon

Marie Giroux


Female Expats United creates several events for you and with you.

There are events where you can share ad exchange your experience as female expat. You will find new connections and support for your specific need.

 Female Expats United is a pool of wislely choosen specialists for your specific needs as female expats.

Our specialist have great skills, offers and values to educate female expats - empathic and concrete -  in having an easier and healthy life abroad. 

Together we develop online as well offline classes, workshops and meetups for you.

With your feedback we improve our service.


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Collaboration Partner

If you want to collaborate with Female Expats United

introduce yourself, introduce your idea of collaboration and how we ALL can benefit from each other.


Corporate / Business Consulting

You are employer of an female expat and you have already realized their high-motivated energy at the beginning is fading away.

She got calmer, more shy, more avoidant, her mood gets more bad-tempered, her work perfomance decrease, her days of illness have increased.

You already had employee dialogues, maybe you already offered her local language classes for free, but nothing has changed.


Being an female expat comes around with more (long-term) challenges than expected. Especially the psychological challenge is an extremely underrated part on both sides - female expat and employer.

Especially many female expats in men-dominated fields struggle on the long-run with mental health. e.g. at technology sector or neuroscience. They appreciate the field of work and oppurtunies to improve their skills but struggle a lot with the work environment, that is usually designed from men for men.

Unfortunately, too many companies are unskilled in leadership with female expats. Quite often female expats hear sentences as "get more confidence", "just learn the language", "get friends", "just do your work" and "you wanted to be an expat, deal with it" etc. A slap in the face of any female expat that look for support. In the end those women come to  Female Expats United, are already in bad emotional state and ask for our support.

Those experiences happen in small companies as well in big, international companies.


Female Expats United is a place, where female expats speak openly about their experiences at international business life, especially about the relationship to the employers, the companies.

Female Expats United is known and appreciated as a trustful, open-minded and safe place, that offers and creates concrete solutions.


If you need support for your company to lead female expats successfully, attract more female expats for more diversity and corporate profits, get in touch with Anja Kadt, Founder of Female Expats United.

Consulting happens in english or in german.



Anja Kadt - Founder & Director of Female Expats United


24/7 - Online Education Platform

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