...for gender equality.

As some of you already realized Female Expats United is also a part of the project “W.I.S.E.4ALL”, which is initiated by the European Parliament.

We are involved in an international working group, composed of european organizations as well companies. 

This working group focus the social pillar “Gender Equality (in Europe)”.


This project and working group would help EU Institutions to improve gender equality in many different topics and the need to strengthen in particular social rights for everyone in EU politics.


Please help us on disseminating the survey: https://forms.gle/8UgSDkkM4cdtxA6ZA


It will only take 5 minutes and answers will be of great contribution to our debate within the EU project entitled "WISE 4 ALL Challenges". 

The survey is anonymous.

The data collected by this survey will be used by the WISE4ALL project to create a Toolkit and an Action Plan proposal aimed at guiding civil society organisations in their action to foster equal gender participation in EU policy-making and civil society.


We thank you for your time, effort, and dedication to the project - we immensely appreciate it.


If your have any questions or concern, feel to write us via info@femaleexpatsunited.com



Status Quo:

With the survey, we’ve realized that ca. only 20 % of all participants are men, so far.

Another challenge is that most participants are not older than 35 years.

So we would love if you share this survey especially with men as well as with all generations/age.

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