Our ambitious team stands for being highly aware of the problems and challenges of female expats. We focus to find solutions in a creative, playful way to keep the ease in life.

We give advise, guide, support, educate, inspire and motivate. 

Our work is FOR female expats, but in our team gender does not matter, we love co-creation. 

We celebrate, encourage and support an open, empathic, honest communication

We know that "women supporting women" is not just a nice hashtag or en vogue word. It needs commitment and actions. 


Founder & CEO


      Nonviolent Communication          How to make friends abroad             Networking for women                  Time Management              Playful learning methods

Country of Orgin: Germany

Expat Experience: Denmark, Italy

Writer/ Editor/ Content


Jornalism about Female Expats Digital media

Country of Orgin: USA

Expat Experience: Germany

Investment and Financial Analyst


Financial Analysis
Financial Forecast and modeling
Strategic planning and advisory
Investment Advisory
Personal Finance Planning

Country of Orgin: Africa

Expat Experience: Germany


Your Qualities and Expertise

Push and create your career with "Female Expats United".

You want to support female expats with your knowledge and skills. 

Introduce yourself and let's work together.



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Our Collaboration Partner

We love to work with open-minded people and companies, who understand how to listen to the real needs of people

and constantly review as well as improve their service.

Online Language School

German/Italian association against Mafia and organized crime 

Women for Innovative Society 
in Europe


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