Anja Kadt is the leader and coordinator of Team Berlin. 

Anja, born in Germany, raised and based in Berlin, part-time Rome. Recruiter, coach and mediator on intercultural communication (specializing in Italy  and Germany) and on conflict management (specializing on teams and groups).

Anja worked for 20 years at the federal german admistration and use her amazing talent for networking as well for fast adaption into new environments for the work with her clients and network partner.

Through her work as former event manager as well as actress Anja has an extensive knowledge and insight about different lifestyles and environments in Berlin - from the alternative Rock N Roll/artists scene to the upper high society.

One of hear leading mindset is "all i know is that i know nothing" by the greek philosopher Socrates, which mean its in the end "What do you really know?" . This sentence supports an open mind and approach. It activates mindful listening and real connection.

Another important question and reflection, especially for expats and immigrant should be  "Who do you deal with differences?"

Feel free to ask for consultation for your specific needs to rock your life in Berlin.

With Team Berlin less stress and anxiety, a smoother moving experience and a shorter adaption time to italian culture.


Contact Partner: Anja Kadt


It does not matter if you are thinking about to move to Berlin, you are about to move to Berlin, just have arrived or you already have been living in Berlin for a while and need counsultation or specific support. 

With our service you won't feel alone with all challenges and stress that come around with moving into a foreign country. 
With a free consultation session we tailor the perfect support for your needs and budget. 
We reduce your stress and anxiety with giving you clarity about your next steps. We guide and monitoring your expat journey in Berlin, so we support you to the best with an empathic personal service. 

With our expertise we support you to create a social as well a professional network, which is essential to start over in Berlin. We teach you the art of communication and connection in Berlin 

We make sure that you use your opportunities and reach your goals in Berlin in a healthy and effective way, so your start over becomes successful. 

We smoothen and shorten you adaptation time in Berlin, so you will have more time and energy to focus the quality of living and making a life in Rome. 
Your soul, mind and body stay relaxed and open to make new friends and other meaningful relationships. 

With us you will experience clarity, satisfaction and more beauty in your life as female expat in Berlin - the place to B.

With our varity of service we have key task such as:

- Document Support

- Guidance in daily issues (as doctor appointments, public authorities, choosing kindergarten/schools, understanding contracts etc.)

- Realistic and optimistic view what it mean to move to Berlin

- Integration Support (Understanding german culture & lifestyle in Berlin, networking, making friends & meaningful connections, conflict management...)

- Orientation Tours in Berlin

- Appartment/House Search in Berlin

- regular class for expats  "Expat Compass for Berlin"


Contact Partner: Anja Kadt

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